Spirit of Mandela

Spirit of mandela 
What we need now is a clear way forward. What we need is to stop preaching to the choir and figure out a way to get regular Americans to understand the stakes of leaving an entire portion, a vibrant portion, a life giving portion of its populace behind in its blind attempt to forge ahead without reckoning with its ugly past. We see all of the trimmings of an erasure. Heavy money coming from the right to erase critical race theory from education completely and absolve America of any complicity in wrongdoing. This cannot happen. And even if it does, we will continue to fight. Take a moment to look at the site. We are charging the United States with violating international law in regards to its treatment of her political prisoners.  We understand that the United States does not acknowledge that it has political prisoners. Yet we stand firmly on the backs of Robeson and Patterson in fulfilling a generational goal. We will bring these crimes to the international community knowing full well that we have gone before and to no avail. This time we know that the US does not recognize any world body to dictate its affairs. We know that the result legally will be one of merely record. But we also recognize it as a tool to organize going forward. It is with great urgency and divine optimism that i present this to you. You will see on the website that you can endorse this project with a donation of $25 as an organization or as an individual. You probably spent more on your black lives matter sign. But this is something that matters more than a problematic slogan. Be a part of the real next chapter. People working together in their communities to effect real change. The kind of change that comes from us...the people. The kind of real change that is going to be needed if where we are currently is any indication of where we are going. Please check out the site. The link is at the top of this post. And feel free to let me know what you think. Blessings upon your household. And upon your endeavors. 

Rastafari live. 


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