An evening with Toussaint in Portland Oregon

An evening with Toussaint in Portland Oregon

So im nah gonna say much because then i would be battling with de elder dem.  That is nowhere near my intent.  so my few words will be simple.

I was in a bad way.  The album "Black Gold" was being recieved well by the reggae community worldwide.  But i had just finished a 19 day tour on the West Coast supporting the record and we were in talks to try and do a nationwide run.  As it is with everything, hindsight is twenty twenty.  After the  west coast tour, we tried to make a nationwide tour work.  That was when everything fell apart.  Regardless, i was trying to make a move to keep my name relevant.  Balboa Becker, my homie for life, was completely willing when i called him. He helped me put the band together and used his swag to help land the dates.  Then it was Scotty One Drop and the idren from oregon that helped me feel secure in my band.  After that, my arrival was amazing!!! i touched down and this beautiful spirit by the name of Bill Dewitt met me at the airport.  He is the reason i had to say a few words.  He, Balboa, Scotty One Drop, all the musicians and Tuff Lion, i just wanna thank truly from the bottom of my heart.  When you are  not Yeezy or Beyonce, it is difficult to capture all the performances you have done.  When i received a message from Bill a few weeks ago to tell me that he had found an old recording of my set in Portland.  I didnt think much of it until i watched the show.  Wow.  What an amazing night.  All the pain and all the everything i was feeling was just channeled out in the most positive way possible.  I hope you will enjoy it as a precursor for what is in the works now.  Tuff Lion, my elder, and mentor has written an introduction for this that i am truly honored to share.    

From Tuff Lion:

From a state of joy and immediate happiness I am quickly sharing with friends and family a “visual” and “sonic” treat for reggae music lovers across the planet! This is a most excellent offering from videographer “vidbybill”, Bill DeWitt, who has presented his capture of Toussaint the Liberator “Live” in Portland, OR. Superbly supported by Scott “Scotty One Drop” Valpey’s Escort Service Band! 

Witness a very engaging performance of talents as the band and Toussaint present songs from Toussaint’s very eclectic set list that includes a brilliant mixture of Reggae, Funk and Soul sounds both original and nostalgic covers. 

This one hour, seven minute video captures live versions of songs from a very fine release from Toussaint, ‘Black Gold”, which though no longer available, remains endeared to those who have heard it. Excellent versions of songs from “No Place Like Soul”, an independent release are also presented.  

The dapper vocalist appears onstage with a sport jacket and tie, presenting himself as the serious artist he has ever been. Even though dressed so cool, a flaming fire of energy comes through his voice and is projected through the mic to a seemingly “new” audience of listeners. “If” indeed I were there when this was going down, I truly would have been blown away…This, for me, is the next best thing and I “KNOW” that Sister Patrice Langford would have been delighted beyond measure to see Toussaint live! Fortunately, now we can all share the treasure in this visual “time capsule”. 

I hereby publicly express my deep gratitude to Bill DeWitt, Toussaint The Liberator, Scotty One, Balboa Becker, Daniel Casares, Puddu Dawes, Ryan,The Kaptain, Dane Tazz Cole, Ras Gabriel, One and all for making this lasting memory of a time when hard work through the years of making music culminates in shows like this! Give Thanks!  

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