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Peace to everyone out there in the world.  This is an important piece for those of us that are struggling to find direction in this "new normal."

What is not new is that we as black people have been constantly under attack no matter what the normal is.  It is time for a united front.  It is time for us to have some semblance of togetherness.  This organization is one that i am very excited to be a part of.  We are building up our ranks by reaching out to black men all over the country…

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Stone of Hope Drumming 

A few years back when i returned to Boston, i began to work for the First Baptist Church of Jamaica Plain.  They were a nice group of people doing some antiracist work within the community and i was thinking i could work within that energy to get some things going.  One of the things that i started when i was there was a drum circle. And from there the goal was to do some organizing.  I got a little traction with what i was trying to do, but it turned out it was not enough to stay. It was a weird time for…

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